Since teaching dance is my passion and not my livelihood, I keep my prices reasonable so that people can afford them:
Private lessons - single or couple - 1 hour - NEW students              $50.00
Wedding couples - package of four 1-hour lessons                        $160.00
    (additional lessons, $50 each)
Group lessons at my studio:
    Two couples                                                                                 $60.00 (total)
    Three couples                                                                              $75.00 (total)
Larger groups - you provide the space, I will quote a price (depending on how far I have to travel and how large the group is).
**Gift certificates available!**
DANCE SHOES FOR SALE ($10.00/pair):
Size                                     Brand                             Color                                      Heel
7-W                                     Capezio                          Tan/beige                              1-3/4"
7-W                                     Tic-Tac-Toe                     Beige                                     1-1/4"
7-W                                     Tic-Tac-Toe                     Black                                      1-1/4"

6-1/2 (English), 9-1/2-N       Champion                    Pink (can  be re-dyed)              1-3/4"